Thursday, October 30, 2014

Orange Glazed Roasted Autumn Veggies

We LOVE fall veggies. Butternut squash and sweet potato are two of Matthew's favorite foods in the world, which works for us! The other night, I was trying to find a way to add something green into the meal, and decided on brussels sprouts. I had made them a week or two prior, just oven roasting with some balsamic vinegar, but I wanted something a little fancier. Now, we don't like super sweet veggies, and considering butternut squash and sweet potato end up pretty sweet just by roasting, we definitely didn't need a sweet glaze.

Y'all, this is the PERFECT addition to a very pretty dish. The roasting brings out the sweetness in the squash, sweet potato, and brussels sprouts (which aren't even known for being sweet!). You get a slight charred taste from some of the leaves on the brussels sprouts which we love. There's a slight overtone of orange, but nothing that overpowers the rest of the veggies. After all, we want the veggies to shine! It's beyond easy to prepare (less than 10 minutes prep time!) which makes it a great last-minute addition to any autumn meal.

3 medium sweet potatoes, cubed
1 butternut squash, peeled and cubed
24 oz brussels sprouts, halved
1/2 c pecan halves

4 T orange juice
3 T orange zest
4 T apple cider vinegar
2 T honey
4 T butter, melted
salt and pepper to taste


  1. Pre-heat your oven to 400*.
  2. Line a 9 x 13 inch pan with tin foil.
  3. Put the butternut squash, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, and pecans in the pan and toss to mix them.
  4. Place into the oven for 15 minutes.
  5. Combine the glaze ingredients in a small bowl and pour over the veggies.
  6. Toss the veggies to evenly coat all of them.
  7. Put it back in the oven for another 20 minutes, until butternut squash and sweet potatoes are fork-tender and brussels sprouts are browned.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What Oils? Wednesday: Husband Travel Edition

Well, Ryan is off to airline training! He left Sunday, and Matthew and I have been busy figuring out our new normal for the next month. We're having a pretty good time so far, but he has started his up-twice-a-night-every-night-Daddy-is-gone thing again. Needless to say, Mama is tired! Before Ryan left, I had to get him set for a month without my bag of "magic oils" as he calls them, as well as all the other essential oil products he uses every day. Knowing that so many of you have husbands and wives that travel for work, go TDY, or deploy, I thought I'd share what I sent him with!

First up, his travel bag of oils! He was sent with a 5 mL bottle of wild orange, peppermint, and lavender. He also had a 15 mL bottle of Slim & Sassy. He uses the wild orange and Slim & Sassy (metabolic blend) in his water bottle constantly. The peppermint and lavender are good for SO many things that it just made sense to send it with him straight! He also has pre-made roller bottles of Breathe, Sleep, OnGuard, DigestZen, Deep Blue, and an allergy blend (equal parts lemon, lavender, and peppermint) to make it easy for him to apply quickly.

I got him a travel bag in "flight suit green" as my friend, Caitlin, and I call it, but you could get whatever color or pattern you, your spouse, or your family's heart desires for 10% off on Caitlin's etsy shop! Just use the code PEARLANDPILOT!

To help keep him healthy and functioning well for the intensive airline training course, I sent him with the OnGuard beadlets to take, as well as the TriEase (not pictured) to help with his allergies. In case he gets stuffy, I sent a bag of the new Breathe respiratory drops that helped me so much last week when I had a cold.

I also had to make sure I sent him with our daily routine: the Lifelong Vitality supplements and OnGuard toothpaste. I haven't really talked about the other products doTERRA makes on here before, so I figure now is as good a time as any.

The Lifelong Vitality Supplements are AMAZING. They were created by an Olympic trainer when doTERRA went to him and said "Create your dream supplement." Ryan and I can literally tell a difference in our energy level when we forget to take them. After all, if your body has all the nutrients it needs, it's going to run better, right?

The OnGuard toothpaste has done wonders for me, personally. I have very, very weak, sensitive teeth, thanks to an extremely high fever when I was a toddler. I'm prone to cavities and hot and cold foods often make me cringe. Since using the OnGuard toothpaste, all of that has improved, and my mouth stays feeling extremely clean, even after I eat breakfast, drink coffee, etc. Plus, it's been whitening my teeth nicely!

After all the success we've had using essential oils, I didn't want Ryan to have to go a month without them, especially when HE'S often the one suggesting them when we're aren't feeling well now. It took me little to no time to set him up with a nice "kit" like this for his trips, and I know he'll be able to handle anything the airlines throw at him! For more recipes and how to's when it comes to essential oils, check out my doTERRA Essential Oil page at the top!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Texas State Fair through a Brit's Eyes

Y'all, my sister has this friend. He's British, and although his ability to speak the English language in general is questionable, he's actually pretty okay. Matthew thinks he's WONDERFUL and dumped us in favor of him halfway through the weekend. He put up with our ENTIRE family (both sides, every member) for a weekend, and then he experienced the Texas State Fair with Ryan and I. Now, this was Ryan and Matthew's first trip as well, which made it that much more fun for me as a wife and mama, but showing Ben this little (big) piece of Texas was super fun.

We had a mission to eat as many fried things as possible, and I have to say, we did pretty darn well for only a few hours at the fair. I had Ben pose with each of them, and rate them on a scale from 1 to 10. I'll give you my thoughts on them as well, so that you know what a normal person would think of the food at the fair.

First food: Corn dogs
What else would you eat first at the Texas State Fair than the iconic corn dog? Ben had never had one, which in and of itself is tragic, but to have never experienced the amazing crunch on a Texas State Fair corn dog makes me so sad for him. Ryan had never had a Texas State Fair corn dog, and although he was not as impressed as he should have been, I can probably forgive him in time.
Ben's Rating: 7
Second Food: Deep Fried Bacon
Y'all, if there's anything better in this world than bacon, I don't know what it is. And then they fried it. We weren't overly impressed (we were pretty sure they over cooked it) but the idea is fantastic!
Ben's Rating: 6

Third Food: Deep Fried Snickers
Ryan's favorite candy is Snickers, so we knew we had to try this one. Thankfully, Ben was a huge fan as well. It was warm and gooey, with just a little crunch on the outside from the breading.
Ben's Rating: 10

Fourth Food: Fried Sweet Texas
Fried Sweet Texas was a new treat this year, and it might be my favorite ever. It's a combo of buttermilk pie, peach cobbler, and pecan pie, served with a scoop of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream. First of all, Ben had never had Blue Bell ice cream-- bless his heart-- so that was a 10 in and of itself, of course. Then, you add it the deep fried pies all in one, and you have a home run (speaking of baseball, we still need to teach him it's a fun game, America).
Ben's Rating: 10

Fifth Food: Funnel Cake
A State Fair classic, we HAD to get him one of these. Matthew probably downed half of it, but Ben got his fair share as well. In his words, how do you NOT like fried dough with powdered sugar? So true, my British friend, so true.
Ben's Rating: 8
Sixth Food: Fried Butter
Y'all, this was one we just had to try. The epitome of ridiculous gluttony, fried butter is exactly what it sounds like: a ball of butter, breaded, and then fried. We were actually surprised that it tasted as good as it did-- originally it scored a 7-- but as we walked, we could literally feel it getting heavier and clogging our veins. It ended up a 2 and one that we're glad we can say we tried, but have zero desire to ever try again.
Ben's Rating: 7, 5, 2
Seventh Food: Fried Sweet Tea
Now, Ryan and I LOVE sweet tea. It was one of the great parts about living in Mississippi. Frying it up sounded like a great idea. It wasn't nearly as flavorful as we were hoping, and it was a little soggy, rather than crispy, so we agreed with Ben's rating.
Ben's Rating: 5

We had a blast at the State Fair with Ben! He was a great sport about all the ridiculous British jokes we came up with, and even threw it back at us. Hearing him attempt "y'all" might be the highlight of my life. Ben, you're a great guy, Matthew adores you (and has no idea who Stranger Danger is!), and we can't wait for you to be back in Texas.

Our brunch the next day... Because what better way to follow up a day of fried food than with more fried food?!
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