Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Planning My Week with CraftyPlannerAddict!

I've shared my love for my Erin Condren planner on this little corner of the internet a few times, and the most common question I get is "But how do you use yours?" So, I thought I'd do a series of posts highlighting not just HOW I use it, but where I get all the beyond-cute goodies for it (and get y'all some fun stuff, too, in the process)!

First off, my number one tip for my planner is: use something move-able! I use sticky notes for future weeks, and washi tape for the week I'm currently in. Why? Because I love to decorate, I want to be able to choose the theme for the week and not have to trash a bunch of washi tape. I love the washi for the week of because a) it's super cute b) go with the theme c) it's still able to be moved if something changes last-minute.

Around the washi, I put cute weekly squares, stickers, and flags. These are not purely decorative, but also highlight when I have something important. For example, I'll put a flag on one side of the box and write next to it. I'll also write inside a larger weekly flag. The weekly squares I usually use purely for decoration.

This week, I used a ton of fun stuff from CraftyPlannerAddict on etsy. I love supporting small businesses, so etsy is always my first stop for anything craft-related (in case you hadn't noticed). Her stuff is SO pretty, beyond easy to use (they're mostly stickers!), and she's an absolute doll.

The adhesive flags and weekly squares come organized in little baggies so that it's easy to keep track of where they are and they don't end up getting wrinkled or folded. One of my favorite things she sent me were the washi samples. I hate using the same washi over and over, so having small amounts of a bunch of different prints is perfect for me!

Right now, she has a set called the Fall Bundle that is simply adorable. It comes with weekly squares, monthly squares, AND washi tape samples, all coordinated to look super pretty together! How perfect is that for my little OCD heart?!

Want to get your planner looking as adorable as mine does, thanks to Stephanie? She's giving away $10 to her shop AND 15% off for all of my sweet P&P readers! Enter below! Don't forget to head over to her shop and use the code PEARL15 until October 31st for all your planner goodies!
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Struggling with Joy

Facebook has become my worst nightmare of picture after picture of pregnancy tests, baby bumps, and newborns.

A friend announced her pregnancy on National Infertility and Infant Loss Day. The post was between two posts from other friends about their lost babies or prayers for those of us who have.

People make incredibly insensitive comments around me constantly, like laughing about the fact that someone thought I was pregnant and having another baby again. Not only did that person hear it, but they felt the need to come tell me.

"Trying for a few months unsuccessfully" is not trying unsuccessfully. Infertility is typically defined as over a year of trying every month or 3 consecutive losses. I'm sure trying for a couple of months is frustrating, but those of us who have tried for much longer, with several losses, have a very hard time seeing posts like that.

Having a friend post that 2% of women have 2 consecutive miscarriages and 1% have 3 consecutive miscarriages. I've had 2 before Matthew and 3 after. I could have lived my whole life without knowing that makes me in the .05% or something ridiculous.

Seeing an ad for a TV show that has a positive pregnancy test front and center.

Telling me to "stop testing so early" isn't helpful either. I wait until I'm a full week late every time (which, for the record, is the opposite of testing early), and even if I didn't, that doesn't change the fact that I've lost babies. Not knowing I lost them would be even worse.

I'm so so tired of having to be happy for my friends when inside, I'm crying. I just want to be able to be genuinely, completely happy for them when they get pregnant or have babies. I feel so selfish for being upset when I see these amazing, joyous times in my friends' lives, especially when we've already been blessed with Matthew. I can't help how I feel, though. After 2 losses before Matthew, 3 after, and not knowing how long, if ever, it will be until we get another baby, I'm stuck. I'm stuck in the unknown. I'm stuck in the waiting. And I'm stuck in the place between denial and acceptance.

I spent 20 minutes ugly crying in the car while Ryan drove around because after all of these things happened within the course of a week or two, I called the OB I wanted to see in Austin, only to find out he can't see me until November 24th (the day we're supposed to be moving to Oklahoma). It was the one last thing I needed.

By the time I was the age Matthew is now, I had Bud. I had my future best friend, one of the girls I know I can come to with anything, who I know would do absolutely anything for me and my family. She's the one who Matthew would go to if anything happened to us. We couldn't ask for a better sister, aunt, or friend for the two of us. She gives amazing advice, the best hugs, and makes a mean dessert. I want that so unbelievably badly for Matthew. It breaks my heart that he doesn't have that yet, and I'm terrified that we'll wait too long trying for a baby when we could be working on an adoption. 

It's my biggest struggle right now, and to have the added layers of stress of getting out of the Air Force, moving, finding new jobs, new homes, new friends, new doctors, etc. are starting to pile up, hence the breakdown. None of this, however, means that I don't want to hear your happy news. It tugs at my heart every time, but I want to be thrilled for you. I won't grow if I'm never challenged, so please, let me share your joy. I pray constantly not only for a sibling for my sweet little boy (whether that be naturally or adoptive), but also for peace and the ability to look outside my own issues and difficulties and be happy for the joys in others' lives.

Will you pray for me, too?

Monday, October 13, 2014


I received the Keurig 2.0 from Influenster, and let me tell you, from the day I got the email, I was stalking my mailbox and front door. I couldn't WAIT to get this beautiful machine onto my countertop. It's sexy, y'all. The light in the water tank changes colors, it has a water filter, and it has a TOUCH SCREEN where there used to be buttons. I couldn't stand waiting, but I did. And then, it showed up.

The first few cups were amazing. They were smooth, hot, and delicious. You can change it to whether you want it stronger, which is a nice addition. I LOVE the ability to make an entire carafe for when we're sitting around the breakfast table, reading the newspaper.

Then, I needed to replace the k-cups that it came with. I went to buy my favorite coffee k-cups, came home, excited to brew another cup. I couldn't. "Please use an authentic k-cup." What?! I was! The damn thing won't take all k-cups... only the ones with the little check mark on the bottom front of the box. Does it say this ANYWHERE in the manual? Nope. So now, I have an entire box of useless k-cups, I can't buy 90% of the ones I like (and the big boxes at Sam's, next to the Keurig 2.0s? Useless, people.).

Needless to say, I'm less than thrilled. The hashtag we're supposed to use is #hellokeurig, but honestly? After this nonsense? I'm thinking it may be #goodbyekeurig. All the bells and whistles are fun, but if I can't get my favorite coffee in the morning, after I've been up all night with a sick kid, it's a useless piece of plastic and metal, taking up space on my countertop.

Have you tried the 2.0? What are your thoughts? Am I overreacting?
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